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Are you considering creating a Legal Basement Apartment?  

With the help of my Architect Jordan Heckman, we have created this Beginner's Guide that goes through the key items to look for when considering creating a Legal Basement Apartment.

We discuss the different regulations that are implemented due to the Ontario Building Code for Safety and Fire Separation as well as some of the differences between individual cities and their local by-laws.

This guide will help you to get started to understand the key differences that make a Basement Apartment Legal or not and will make it easy for you to spot when an apartment does not meet the requirements as a Legal Basement Apartment!

Meet Koukun.

As an Investment Focused Real Estate Agent, Koukun has been involved in creating Legal Basement Apartments since the Province of Ontario started to allow them with more ease.

He has built up a team of professionals including Architects, Contractors, Property Managers, Home Inspectors, Lawyers, Insurance Agents to allow his clients to have a smooth transition from the purchase of an investment property to receiving the cashflow and building equity.

Koukun started Investing in Real Estate in 2013 and has since owned multiple rentals properties employing different strategies until finally coming across the concept of adding a Legal Basement Apartment and the BRRR strategy (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance) which fits perfectly together.